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Local Moving is our, as they say, bread and butter service. Hammer’s has moved thousands upon thousands of families in our 65 year history. Simply, we work hard to ensure that you move is as pleasant and stress free as possible, at least the part we are involved in. As a result, in 2013, 76% of the families we moved we referred directly by past customers or their Realtors.

The cost of local moving is based on an hourly basis. How we charge is based on the crew size and trucks required to complete your move. Almost all movers charge the same way, your hourly charge starts at the time we arrive at your current home, we wrap, package and load your goods, drive to your new home, deliver, unwrap, reassemble and place your goods. Once that is completed we stop the time. The only additional fees are a flat one hour for travel time, this typically covers the time it takes for the moving crew to drive to your home in the morning and drive back to our company at the end of the move. Fuel charges are applicable you may see depending on the distances traveled a fee of $15 up to a maximum of $24.00 as a flat rate to cover fuel.

Other costs involved depend on the services you require. Packing services are the most common service provided outside of the actual moving of your goods. Packing service costs can be provided to you by having a visual survey completed at your home. Our estimator will be able to provide you with a separate cost for packing depending on how much you need. Many of our customers do not require full packing services, but as we have seen over the years, having Hammer’s package up your kitchen can be a low cost service that may be very valuable to you and your family during the preparation stages of your move.

Storage services. Often we see our customers in need of holding their goods for delivery for sometime, often because of a delay between the sale of their current home and the building of a new home. Hammer’s Moving & Storage can provide you with safe, secure and climate controlled storage of your goods until such time as you are ready to accept delivery at your new residence.

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